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Welcome to the official website of Ava Web!
The fact is that you never know enough about softwares types, softwares disadvantages and benefits of softwares, how to work with softwares, and how to design and develop software. Also, like the people who work in the field of software design and development, you have not studied and researched the new solutions and methods of software design and development. Just like me, that i don't know about many aspects of your career. Therefore, the greatest principle in any profession is honesty and consideration of legal and moral principles. Unfortunately, many companies take advantage of employers' lack of knowledge in the field of design and programming under various pretexts to receive large sums of money to design or develop software.

Designing a site at very cheap prices means starting a hassle!
Designing a professional website is not cheap. (Of course, I don't mean website design with WordPress) I mean websites that are designed, programmed, and produced exclusively for each employer. In fact, a cheap website can't be professional because designing a professional site requires hiring professionals and using the experience and technical knowledge of professional designers and programmers who have gained experience in this field for many years is not cheap.

Don't be fooled by website design companies which are on the first page of Google!
Some design and programming companies have a more prominent brand due to their longer history, and some are at the top of Google's search list through huge advertising costs. (I don't mean all companies) The fact is that buying a website is not the same as buying clothes or home appliances that depend on the brand. Being a big design and programming company doesn't necessarily mean being more professional. According to most users, the bigger and older the design company, and the more customers it has, the less support it will have. Because it takes a long time to solve customer problems. As a result, you may have to wait a long time for a simple change.

Why Ava Web?
Ava Web with more than fifteen years of experience in designing, programming and producing multi-platform softwares, has gained a lot of experience. Careful planning and advice to run the project without a doubt is considered one of the most important cases in the design of the site. Advice about goals and the ideas that you have chosen for your website, can facilitate the design and programming process. Also, providing technical support services will ensure you.

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