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Mohammadreza TaheriMohammadreza Taheri
Designer - Programmer - Software developer
Experience: Since 2002 till now

Field of activity: Design and development of Windows and Linux software - Web applications and Mobile applications

Skills: Design and development of web applications (Front end and back end) - Design and development of mobile applications - Design and development of desktop applications - Database design - Programming - Graphic design - User interface design - User experience design - Set up and config dedicated web server - Set up and config virtual web server - Server administration - Artificial intelligence - Data mining - Web mining

Educational experience: Teaching basic and advanced web design and programming courses from May 2008 to March 2016

Ava Web has started its specialized design and programming activities since 2008. Ava Web nowadays operates in a variety of areas such as website design, SEO, multi-platform programming, graphic design and mobile app development. Also currently provides different services to several reputable domestic and foreign companies. From Ava Web's point of view, employer is not just a project but Ava Web always consider ourselves an employer consultant and Ava Web also see every project as a new challenge until the desired outcome is achieved.

Why ava web?
Usually, different factors are determined by designers and programmers to offer customers services. These invoices based on the type of service are determined. Ava Web due to three factors:
- Security
- Usability
distinctive services offer to employers.