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Template design

Template design

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The dedicated template is produced by the template designer. Website template designer has several different specialties. The template designer is familiar with graphic design, content management systems, web applications and programming languages. The most popular websites use a unique template, because a valid brand should not be similar to other websites or be copied from other websites. When you use a dedicated template, the other websites can not use your template.

What is the website template or website theme?
Graphical pattern of the website that forms the graphical structure of all pages. A professional website template has not any form change or graphical quality decrease. The standard template will place the content of the website (such as images, texts, forms and...) in its place and attention to web design standards, principles of graphic design and coding can attract more users. Website template designing requires mastery of graphic design and programming. If you can not design a website template, you can use ready-made templates that designed by individuals or companies.

Disadvantages of using ready-made templates:
- Similarity of your website to other websites that use the same template
- Difficult to make changes to template codes
- Difficulty in customization ready-made template according to the website requirements
- There are lots of codes that perhaps you do not need to use them
- You are not template copyright owner
- Possible security bugs
- Inappropriate for the commercial brands

Advantages of using dedicated templates:
- Unique and non-repetitive
- More security of ready-made templates
- Lighter and optimized
- High speed when loading the page
- Suitable with your idea

Template design services at ava web:
- Joomla template design
- W3C standards
- PSD template design
- Convert PSD templates or HTML templates to dynamic website template
- HTML template design
- Convert static templates to responsive templates
- Blog template design
- Responsive template design for better display on mobiles, tablets and...
- Promotional email template design
- Wordpress theme design
- Powerpoint template design
- Shopping template designing, promotional template designing, corporate template designing, blog template designing, sport template designing and...

Template design prices

The criterion in the Ava Web is quality, not quantity. Contact me if you'd like to order website template designing. I'm Mohammadreza Taheri and you can have my advice for free.