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Template design or theme design considered as the first step in web design. The PSD template is a...

PSD template design

PSD template design

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PSD Template:
Template design or theme design considered as the first step in web design. The PSD template is a graphical layout that is used in the Photoshop software environment to design the site template. PSD template design is the first and most important part of designing a website. Graphic of a website is one of its success factors. One of the keys to the success of a website can be beautiful graphic design and standard coding.

Principles of PSD template design:
PSD format must have several attributes including: Regular classification of different sections of the site, proper naming, design different status of site elements, and the layered design for ease of editing are the most important features in the design of the template.

The essential elements in the design of the mold include: Graphic knowledge, understanding of the structures of a website and the proper design of the client's work. PSD template design with according to standards can guarantee the correct display of images and texts for visitors.

PSD template design:
All designs at Ava Web based on the requirements of the website such as: site organizational color and modern design will be designed. After the end of design are sent to review for the employer and there are ability to re-edit the layout.

PSD design:
All details in the design of psd are open layer and there is the possibility of editing at all times. Also the designer can add new features to suit the appearance of the website.

Color spectrum design:
There is ability to design with a variety of colors For your website. The templates with a variety of colors can save visitors of uniformity.

Template design prices

The criterion in the Ava Web is quality, not quantity. Contact me if you'd like to order template design. I'm Mohammadreza Taheri and you can have my advice for free.