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Search engines store web pages with specific information. Meta tags on web pages are important parts...

Optimize meta tags

Optimize meta tags

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Meta tags:
Search engines store web pages with specific information. Meta tags on web pages are important parts that interesting for search engine spiders. The meta tags are contain keywords and explanations about the site page.

Meta tags are visible in the source of the pages and used to improve site rankings in search engines. Meta tags are used to provide a more complete description of website for search engines. Search engines read meta tags on site pages and then save them.

Meta keywords:
These meta tags are used to introduce keywords that are important in the pages of the site and the words selected therein should exist between the same page text. The use of keywords in arbitrary numbers is not possible. Because from the search engines side are known like spam and this reduces the ranking of the site.

Mata descriptions:
اThis meta tag is used to provide explanations to search engines. With this meta tag, you can provide explanations about the site or specific page of the site to the search engines. The description of this section is displayed in the search engine results down the title and the page link. An explanation about the graphs will not be given, because their number and variety are high.

Meta tags have played an important role in search engine results in the past. But now, with the search engine algorithm changing, the importance of this role has diminished. However, part of the SEO of the websites are still meta tags. Meta tags play an important role in SEO.

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