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Nowadays, in many sporting events and different competitions, individuals and different TV shows have set...

Web design of soccer betting

Web design of soccer betting

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Nowadays, in many sporting events and different competitions, individuals and different TV shows have set many awards for the correct prediction of sports. Due to the high level spread of the Internet, this tool can be used to hold competitions and manage sports events. Just have a website for predicting the results of the tournament. Because many services, as well as a wide range of sports and non-sports events, are covered through the Internet. As a result, using a web application can provide facilities for different predictions.

Some of the features and capabilities of the soccer betting website:
- Beautiful graphic design suitable for different competitions
- Users membership
- Granting a dedicated panel to users
- Responsive design: Users can place their bets from mobile, tablet, small desktop or regular
- The admin can Import Championships,Teams and Games from CSV file to database
- Create different matches manually or automatically
- Display live results
- Connect to Sports Data Provider sites using the API
- Live broadcast of matches (Special conditions)
- Display categories either together or separately as you want
- Bettors can pick games from different leagues/tournaments
- Time Zone Configuration: You can set your time zone by selecting your location
- Securely with highest quality of programming which protect betting data from all attacks
- Flexible parameters settings offers an easy way to configure your sports betting system
- Users can view statistical history of all members sorted by their ranking and showing their scores in the competition from 1 to however many members chose to play
- Users can view personal bet history in the competition (match result, bet, bet time, bet status "Bet win" or "Bet lost" and scores)
- Users can view bet history of all other users sorted by their scores in the competition
- The administrator have a choice to display or not the bet history of all other users
- Time left option
- Reset scores feature
- Manage unlimited sports games
- Manage unlimited members
- The system can be used for free betting (without the option of paying)
- Multilingual design
- Color, and Background color settings using nice color picker tool
- MVC structure follow
- Place different tournament tables individually on the site
- Define competitions individually and collectively
- Increase inventory in the user's panel
- Payment through payment gateway owned by the website owner
- Send announcements for holding new competitions using email
- Create news and announcements section
- Custom template design
- Polling of users
- Manage and report on successful and unsuccessful transactions in the user panel
- Search the site and among the matches
- Support users by admin or site administrators
- Send support tickets
- Online and offline account charging
- Pay immediately after winning in the form of account charge
- Send a request for a withdrawal
- The possibility of software development
- and...

Website design prices

Apart from all the features mentioned as part of the structure of a website, the prediction of the tournament, a prediction website must also follow certain technical principles and rules. Rules such as elegant and user-friendly graphic design, along with search engine optimization and principled programming, have an impact on the success of prediction websites.

Ava Web, due to the high level of web design and programming experience can design and implement a completely standardized betting website for you. The criterion in the Ava Web is quality, not quantity. Contact me if you'd like to order web design. I'm Mohammadreza Taheri and you can have my advice for free.