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According to the needs of users for access to the information of doctors and various medical centers...

Medical website design

Medical website design

Order your own medical website now

According to the needs of users for access to the information of doctors and various medical centers, as well as to receive specialized information about each doctor, various specialties of doctors or information about medical centers, the design of the medical site is also part of the needs of the community and Internet users.

Ava Web due to the expertise and experience in design and programming can design websites or systems requested by customers like health center website, clinic website, medical database website and... as fully professionally.

Some of the features and capabilities of the medical website:
- Infinitely doctor determination
- Expert doctors determination
- Determination of holidays
- Time setting for appointment
- Determination working hours for doctors
- Polling system
- Q & A system
- Create gallery of images
- Video call with doctor
- Advanced search with specialization separation
- Confirm or reject appointment
- Reservation (appointment) from the calendar
- Show empty or booked times
- Custom template design for website
- Description view after booking
- Cancel booking using proprietary code
- Send booking information by email to the user
- The possibility of software development
- &...

Website design prices

Website design of medical directories, Website design of traditional medicine directories, Website design of booking systems, Website design of health centers, Website design of clinical research centers, Website design of clinics and... are some of the services that provided by Ava Web for the medical community. The criterion in the Ava Web is quality, not quantity. Contact me if you'd like to order web design. I'm Mohammadreza Taheri and you can have my advice for free.