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Nowadays, access to news and news sources in any field is important for decision-makers. People need to...

News website design

News website design

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Nowadays, access to news and news sources in any field is important for decision-makers. People need to know the latest news about their field of work and their business. Design a professional news site can locate your website in better rank at search engines along with the various topics, and after a short time, it will find the own audience.

Some of the features and capabilities of the news website:
- Create banner ads to display among the news
- User communication with the author or news authors
- Change template theme dynamically
- Advanced search in news, titles, text abbreviations and...
- Setting styles for displaying news headlines, news summaries and full story news
- Get different stats and reports from the amount of news hits, news collections hits and...
- Slideshows for news that has one or multiple images
- Putting video in between news
- Add Watermark on Pictures
- Video News transmission to a separate category
- Show important news headline in the form of slideshow
- Assignment of Persian news with the same news in English and vice versa
- Offer print version of news
- Polling system
- Send news by user in the form of email
- Introducing the organization chart of the news agency and the editorial board
- Subscribe to newsletter
- Introducing news agency or Journal representation office on google map
- Create, edit and delete news
- Thumbnail assignment for news
- Receive news from honorary reporters
- Access level determination for user groups
- RSS feeds
- Get instant and automatic news headlines from other RSS feeds
- Send classified and user-friendly news over specific time periods
- Custom forms to receive information from users
- Create an Internet radio to play podcasts
- Creation and launch of Internet TV
- Membership fee
- Connection to payment gateway
- Specify membership levels
- Establishing communication between members of the site under a management license
- Assigning tag types to news, images, videos and...
- Introducing the latest news to Google in a specific way
- Display weather conditions, religious times, exchange rates, and...
- Encyclopedia of Information
- Download section
- Create news blogs by user under management license
- Watching other news sources for automatic news downloads
- Send email according to events
- Write comments by users
- Record and display the date and area of the news release
- View full report of the visits
- News archive automatically after the end of history
- Custom template design
- The possibility of software development
- &...

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There are special standards for tracking user activity in the design of the news website, so users tracking is necessary to increase the usability and efficiency of the news website. Ava Web can design a custom news website for you, and by using of new programming methods and search engine optimization, your website will be added to the top of news websites. The criterion in the Ava Web is quality, not quantity. Contact me if you'd like to order web design. I'm Mohammadreza Taheri and you can have my advice for free.