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The use of important factors to attract a customer in the design of an online store is one of the things...

Online store design

Online store design

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The use of important factors to attract a customer in the design of an online store is one of the things that should be considered in the design of a store website. There are also Internet marketing methods that are usually changed over a period of time and considered as a tool to sell and rank in search engines.

Some of the features and capabilities of the online store:
- Using default images in store
- Sales by rating
- Daily discount and weekly discount and... with a countdown
- Connection to payment gateway
- Send email according to events
- Adding image, audio, text and...
- Receive Excel Output
- Content management of specific pages
- Polling system
- Register comments by users
- Receiving reports from accounting system
- Show Visitor Statistics
- Shop design like Digikala
- Advanced search
- Determination of different management groups such as financial manager, warehouse manager and...
- Definition of special user groups
- Image Gallery
- News and Articles
- Extraordinary sales with mentioning previous price of goods
- Display suggested and related goods
- Invoice issuance
- Sales by existing quantity
- Creating automatic thumbnails
- Adding infinite product
- Assigning store code to each product
- Print invoices
- Adding and removing goods
- Reporting of each product individually
- Receiving financial report
- Receiving warehouse report
- Custom fields
- Calendar
- Bank purchases and payments
- Grading store users and managers
- Viewing customers list and their information
- Send newsletters to users
- View the archive of purchases
- Payment Management
- Custom design of each page individually
- Custom template design
- Separate panel for customers invoices, purchases made and...
- Send tickets to support
- The possibility of software development
- &...

Benefits of designing an online store:
- Save time and money through online shopping
- Review and compare products at the right time
- Collect the necessary information about the product
- Payment for purchase after receipt of the product in the purchase of postal items
- No need for accounting systems or cash management for the electronic store
- Increase sales in domestic and foreign markets
- &...

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No need for ready-made store systems and this is one of the differences of the Ava Web with other web designers and developers. In fact, the use of a ready-made online store script can causing repetition of the online stores. Ava Web can provide the fully customized online store with the necessary features. The criterion in the Ava Web is quality, not quantity. Contact me if you'd like to order web design. I'm Mohammadreza Taheri and you can have my advice for free.