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The travel agency website design, is designing and coding by Ava Web based on the type of agency services...

Travel agency website design

Travel agency website design

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The travel agency website design, is designing and coding by Ava Web based on the type of agency services. When designing a travel agency site, the Agency's audience market determines the main features and options of the site.

Some of the features and capabilities of the tourism website:
- Definition of country, province and region to search for accommodation centers
- Spherical drawing of accommodation centers on Google Map
- Definition of specifications of accommodation centers such as rooms and...
- Definition of time frames for discounts
- Post comment by user
- Subscribe to newsletter
- Polling system
- Send and receive email or SMS
- Visitor ratings of accommodation centers
- Photo Gallery
- Using of slideshow
- Show last minute tours
- Insert label
- Advanced search between tours
- Create infinite tours
- Custom template design
- Connect to bank payment gateway
- The possibility of software development
- &...

One of the most important factors in designing a tourism website is the tours provided by the Agency. For example your website designer should know that, your travel agency activity is focusing on what kind of tours. are you focusing on inbound or outbound tours or even one or more day tours.

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Ava Web designs and operates the most efficient system by offering online booking and touring services along with an electronic payment gateway along with a full introduction of agency services and travelers information you need. Ava Web also offers the most complete and specialized features of a professional website for your travel agency. The criterion in the Ava Web is quality, not quantity. Contact me if you'd like to order web design. I'm Mohammadreza Taheri and you can have my advice for free.